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Little Dragons
 (Ages 3 and 4)
Little Dragons is our preschool/kindergarten-age Taekwondo program that introduces students to Taekwondo though basic instruction, positive reinforcement and skill-building activities.  Students gain the physical benefits of fitness and coordination while improving focus, self-control, confidence, and cooperation with their instructors and their peers. Take advantage of our two week FREE trial today!
Little Dragons meet Monday, Wednesday & Thursday twice a day 10AM and 6:30PM as well as Tuesday and Friday once a day at 6:30PM.  - Come in as often as you like!
Little Dragon Curriculum includes:
  • Basic principles of Taekwondo to begin your child on their life-long martial arts journey
  • Stranger-danger awareness including practicing where to go to for help, how to get a hold of mom and dad, and in worst-case-scenarios - how to escape
  • Memory and Balance Skills
  • Board Breaking
  • Peer development, cooperation and focus
Taekwondo aims to achieve: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, and Indomitable Sprit!